Mission & Purpose

Mission Statement

AOIC seeks to provide Christian men and women with relevant, practical and academically-aligned Christian training programs in order to equip churches with well-trained and effective workers/leaders who can advocate and fulfil the mission of Christ in their world.

Purpose Statements

  • To provide educational resources for men and women who seek to be equipped for the fulfilment of the manifold ministries of God and His Church.
  • To inspire a true missionary vision in each student through both field and research experiences.
  • To provide a foundational experience of learning that develops creative and resourceful thinking that, in turn, will become the basis for continued growth in Christian leadership.
  • To promote an atmosphere of Christian devotion that will foster spiritual growth and develop in each student relevant habits of worship and service consistent with Christian character.
  • To provide each student with a strong biblical message oriented to the Pentecostal/Charismatic position in theology and relevant to the life and mission of the contemporary church.
  • To establish centres and bible schools that are affiliated with the School in any other part of the world and cause the same to be registered and recognized therein.