Why Give



Gifts from alumni, friends and Christian businesses/organisations are critical to our task of equipping leaders for kingdom vocations.
Kingdom leaders require accessible and affordable learning and practical opportunities.

You can help ensure that AOIC’s programs and courses remain relevant, responsive and available to all who need equipping in the Word of God. Our counselling program remains heavily subsidised to meet the growing need in our present time to equip people-helpers. These are kingdom leaders who can facilitate mental, emotional and spiritual healing and wholeness in our communities and society struggling to cope with the stresses of urbanisation and globalisation.

We are also looking into offering educational resources on creative new platforms—serving individuals, groups, churches and organisations right where they are with the type of support and formation they seek.

Empowering kingdom leaders requires resources beyond the partnership of a single church

Aligning ourselves to the call to expand God’s kingdom necessitates that we develop sustainable resources to effectively empower the generations of leaders to come. We actively seek more individuals, churches and businesses to partner with us in our vision of transforming lives and creating a compelling legacy of biblically-based, spirit-filled and courageous leaders, well-discipled for kingdom vocations.

Pentecostal-Charismatic churches in Malaysia and the region require well-integrated biblical and practical resources for effective discipleship and ministry.

Currently one of the fastest-growing movements, Pentecostal-Charismatic churches are experiential, practical and mission-focused. At least a third of the Christian population in Asia, including Malaysia, are Pentecostal-Charismatic adherents. Your support expands the access of individuals, churches and organisations to biblically-sound theological resources, integrated with practical Spirit-filled teaching and transmission of missionary zeal. This will develop robust and faithful disciples of Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Every gift goes further.

With a vibrant and growing community of more than 300 graduates fulfilling diverse vocations in the marketplace, churches and organisations, your generous gift is exponentially multiplied in our communities, the nation and beyond through the lives of our students, alumni and those they go on to serve.

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